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Top 5 Reasons Managed Services Can Help Your Business


IT problems in the workplace have a lot of negative impacts. Modern businesses depend on their information technology systems for so many components of their business - sometimes more than they realize until a system goes down.

When a system suddenly goes down, or even just stops working at peak performance, it can seriously hurt the productivity of staff and even lead to problematic workplace culture.

MSPs (Managed Services Providers) provide comprehensive IT services to SMBs. Generally for a fraction of the cost of one full-time IT technician, MSPs provide the benefits of a full team of IT professionals.

Here are some of the top reasons MSPs can help your business.

Flat monthly rate

Flat monthly rates limit IT expenses, making them less variable. They make IT expenses more predictable. Your MSP should also be able to help you plan into the future so that you can see any changes in expenses coming from enough distance to prepare for them. With some MSPs, like Round Table Networks, you can even get your equipment built into your monthly rate rather than having to make capital expenditures for new hardware.

Instant Support

MSPs work hard to make sure they’re available to quickly respond to any issues that arise. They’re your go-to team for any technology issues, and when you do go to them, they’re ready to help without delay. Most MSPs can resolve many issues remotely using RMM (remote monitoring and management) tools, which improves response time over an IT company that always has to come onsite before getting to work.

Proactive Monitoring and Maintenance

MSPs don’t just wait for your call that something is broken. They monitor system health constantly and can pick up early warning signs that something might be headed downhill. They can then perform maintenance and fix issues before they cause downtime or hinder employee productivity.

Strategic Planning

Some MSPs provide strategic planning services like Virtual CIO programs. With these services, MSPs can guide your business’ use of technology from major purchases to small efficiencies. We can evaluate how your employees use the technology available and find ways to get instant gains using what’s already available.

One Source

Most MSPs have teams with a wide variety of expertise. Some are able to provide your business with a single place to go for any need relating to technology. They can help manage your vendors and handle all aspects of your information technology systems. With one place to go for all technology issues, you can focus on the bigger picture in your business and not get bogged down in the details of trying to manage the technologies and technology vendors that your business relies on.