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Data Protection

Total Data Protection


Modern Protection For Modern Businesses


Business Continuity

Modern protection is more than backup, it’s Business Continuity. How long can your business afford to be down? Many backup solutions simply don’t offer sufficient protection for your business. Round Table Networks provides Business Continuity systems with the object of keeping your business running in the face of a disaster.

Offsite Replication

Does your backup solution provide accessible offsite replication? How quickly can you access your data from offsite backups? Round Table Networks provides solutions with practically immediate access to offsite backup data.



More Than Data Access

Backing up data is one thing, but what about your critical services? When a disaster strikes, your business not only needs your data back, but the servers and services that allow your network and business to work. Round Table Networks provides solutions that allow us to run these critical systems from the backup system. Not only do we protect your data, but the entire servers and services so that your business can continue to operate.